Recording session for new My Encounter vid soundtrack

February 14, 2009
Yehuda flutes it up

Yehuda flutes it up

A team of JEMsters spent the good part of Thursday night cutting a some tracks for the new My Encounter with the Rebbe video, Sensitivity

El Jefe E Shmotkin, editor Yanky Ascher, and virtuoso flutist Yehuda Piamenta met in the studio of music man/engineer/keyboardist Choni Milecki for a night of recording, editing, and rip-roaring fun.

Choni makes the good times roll

Choni makes the good times roll

By Friday morning, Yanky had the track added and mixed into the video, which a little birdie tells me will be premiering at Sunday night’s banquet for the Shluchos.

The Mix

Back at JEM: The Mix






  1. Cool.

  2. Sweet gig.

    If only…

  3. he’s playing my friend’s wedding… very excited 🙂
    and that looks like fun. what were you doing there, other than recording the event for posterity?

  4. LE7: I’m sure we’ll need a cellist. Just keep the fingers gloved and nimble.

    Cheerio: little trick I pulled: wasn’t there, but can talk about it like I was!

  5. Excellent.

  6. welcome back, you had us worried.

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