End interlude, blogcation over

February 14, 2009

Sorry for the lull folks. Been real busy – I’ll tell you all about it.




  1. We figured. (Well I figured).

    How was your adventure abroad?

  2. Fled South at the first opportunity. Had to spend a week in a decompression chamber to get rid of the Canada cooties.

  3. We missed you.

  4. TRS – That was so sweet. Aww etc.

    You had to flee south?

    This Shabbos I had to flee north! (Of KWood that is…)

  5. This is a relief. I was afraid the illustrious and mighty JEMnation would have moved on to better and greener pastures during my hiatus.

  6. LE7: I know.

    Webjem: as soon as we find some we’ll notify you.

  7. well, welcome back..
    how far south did you flee?

  8. If I may take the liberty to answer: as about far south as one can get. Crown Heights that is.

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